How did I find my first job in Dublin?

Arriving to a new country is always exciting, at least it is for me. New people, new language and new challenges.

I am an architect, I did my studies and registration in my home country Mexico, little did I know architecture is a highly regulated profession, just like doctors and solicitors.

Well, the first thing I did was to contact an architect in Ireland just to get a short lecture of how things work in that country.

Fortunately, I found one, he was married to a lovely Mexican woman and was able to speak a bit of Spanish.

He gave me the name of the regulation body in the country and how to approach them to find a job opportunity. That’s how I learned about the RIAI.

All the job offers on their website were looking for experienced registered architects, and that’s how I learned that they own the right for you to be called architect in their country.

I applied to many positions in huge companies but I knew they were very unlikely to hire me, I had lots of experience in my country but zero in Ireland.

I decided to attend free architecture lectures organized by the Architectural Association of Ireland in Trinity College. Talking to somebody I found an association called STEW that helps architects to find a job.

I contacted STEW straightaway and they were kind to help. After two months of non-stop applying and searching, they publish a job offer on Facebook, I did not hesitate, I sent my portfolio and CV.

Days after, I got my first job within a small Irish practice.

This was a great opportunity because being part of a small team allowed me not only to keep practicing architecture but to learn how to do it in Ireland. I’m positive I would not have had this chance in a large architecture firm.

Tania FloresCommentaire