How did I manage to publish my pictures?

If you have seen my website you can realize I am an architectural photographer. Before I left my home country I finished my photography qualification and I studied a one year certificate in Ireland.

I discovered I loved photography long time ago, when I bought a camera and started lessons just for fun.

Since I was in Mexico I started to mix architecture and photography. Architecture is everywhere so it was easy to travel with my camera and capture the beauty of my profession.

The first job I had in Ireland gave me a great opportunity letting me take the professional pictures of the first Irish shipping container home.

I sacrificed a beautiful trip to Paris to be able to do this job (ironically now I live there) and It was so worth it. I took the opportunity and work as much as I could to get great pictures. I worked extra time at home to be able to prepare them fast in order to give send them to the Irish media.

Thankfully, my pictures were everywhere and this open the door to publish other projects on magazines and websites in Europe.

Tania FloresCommentaire