I ended up designing a Mexican (tex-mex) restaurant in Dublin

I ended up designing a text-mex restaurant in Dublin.

My boss at that time informed me that his new client had a Mexican food chain and he was interested in opening one in Dublin city centre. Due to my nationality he assumed I was the right person to do it.

It was funny to see how Irish people link Mexican food with burritos, so I had to bear in mind that I was about to design an Irish tex-mex restaurant, I still believe that all my Mexican background was not relevant.

Surprisingly the marketing guy of this chain was Mexican so it was easy to get all the branding material.

My boss was certain that it was an easy straightforward project and asked me to design a ceiling full of different sized sombreros mixed with pending lamps and put some cactus on the walls.

Obviously we were rejected.

I asked my boss to join the meetings and to take over the design supporting by another colleague.

I used all the branding material I got from the Mexican marketing director and I played with all that information. I developed a good number of options, I attended the meetings with my colleague and my boss. Finally, we got the design they wanted.

It was hard work using all the tools I had at the moment.

Every time I see this place I feel like there’s a part of me in there.

I wouldn’t change it for the world.