Why it is important to talk about failure

Everything started long time ago, when I had my first big failure ever, I failed a British examination and decided to post it on Facebook.

Well nobody is forced to be writing about their own issues, I understand. But I did it because I realized I was showing just the bright side of a hard journey. As result, I got messages from my friends and family assuming that I was depressed and hopeless. Nevertheless, it was the other way around, I was motivated to do it again and pass it.

This post became a social experiment for me, I was surprised how people focused on the negative side of this failure.

Every time I spend some time on social media I realize that many people share with us stories of success like if it was something that comes on its own without ups and downs.

In my experience, failure is what moves everybody to reach happiness and fullness.

I don’t believe in success, I do believe in being happy, in being a trustworthy for my clients, being a loyal employee, I believe in showing people that failure is worth it.

Tania FloresCommentaire